The Unemployment Monsters #1

Instead of stewing complacently in the horrors of job-hunting, I've decided to track down the creatures responsible for making the process of finding employment such a soul-crushing experience.  No, it's not the economic recession and it has nothing to do with outsourcing or even your own bad attitude...it's because of The Unemployment Monsters.

Now I don't mean to brag or anything, but I seem to have acquired a kind of ESP, a Sixth Sense sans Bruce Willis if you will, that allows me the unique ability to see these elusive critters at work.  Each week I'll report on my newest sighting and publish an official rendering of the monster in question.  Let's say every Friday.  Happy job-hunting everybody.

This smug bastard sniffs out and eats all of the positive ideas potential employers might have had about you before they even hace a chance to think them.  His lips are chapped from all of that licking...positive ideas are pretty tasty.

Stop back next Friday to see my next Unemployment Monster report!

Oh, and here are all the Monsters.

Monsters #1 ***
Monsters #2
Monsters #3