I Made a Tumblr.

Last week I started a tumblr page where I will attempt to post drawings at regular intervals.  I think of it as a New Year's Resolution that will (hopefully) help me continue to develop my visual chops and sensibilities.

So far (8 days into it) it's going really well!

But I know it's going to become much more difficult to stay committed as time goes on...and that's the challenge...will I do this consistently and eventually create some meaningful work?  We shall see.

One thing starting a Tumblr has done for me already though, is reignite my interest in animation.

If you've spent any time on Tumblr, you're sure to have noticed the presence of gifs--those loopy and looping slices of motion and the staples of endless (vapid?) buzzfeed articles.  Well, in the last few days I've been figuring out how to turn my drawings into little gif animations and I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.

Here's a taste:

So if you think you might be interested in my drawings, head over to gregorypurifoy.tumblr.com and like something, reblog it, or follow me!  ¡Viva el internet!


Lassen's Dark Night Sky

Summer 2013 I worked as a seasonal park ranger at Lassen Volcanic National Park.  There's a lot to love about Lassen, from the glacial lakes, dozens of volcanoes, hot springs and mudpots, to the diverse wildlife, hiking trails, and camping opportunities...but one of the least recognized (and most beautiful!) resources the park has to offer is its dark night sky.

We don't often think about a dark sky as a natural resource, but it is.

The dark night sky is worth protecting and ultimately worth celebrating, and the Lassen Dark Sky Festival is an annual event in the park that takes place in August during the Perseids meteor shower.

You can join amateur and professional astronomers each night to look through telescopes and see constellations, planets, and other deep sky objects.  There are also daytime and evening programs led by rangers and NASA scientists.

Check out the video above, which I produced for the park to help promote the event, and if you're going to be in northern California over the summer, the Lassen Dark Sky Festival is not to be missed!

STAR CHASERZ: This SUV is also a "mobile observatory" outfitted with a high-powered telescope that pops out of the roof and displayz what it seez on an LCD screen mounted in the back. It's a regular at the Festival and it rulez. 


Country Kids (Chateles Del Campo) Official Trailer

If you've been following our recent (and successful!) kickstarter fundraising effort, you'll most likely have seen this trailer already.  The good news is that now you don't have to listen to Jason talk at the beginning!  (Jason, you have a wonderful speaking voice.)  So watch the trailer again and get excited like it was your first time.  If it is your first time, aren't you super excited??

Next I'll be working on putting together a rough cut of the entire film, so the foreseeable future will for me, be defined by a lot of solipsistic sitting in a dark room, coffee drinking, and periodic walks in the woods.