Pinecones are fascinating and I've been drawing inspiration from them.  These three are Ponderosa and Jeffery pinecones.

Ponderosas have spines that point out in a "J" shape, and Jeffery pines have spines that point downwards, so you can tell them apart by rememering prickly ponderosa  and gentle jeffery. Otherwise the trees look really similar.

A photo posted by Gregory Purifoy (@g_foy) on
A photo posted by Gregory Purifoy (@g_foy) on
A photo posted by Gregory Purifoy (@g_foy) on


Anatomy of a Project (Vol. 5.5) - The Stove Itself

This post has been a long time coming.  Actually it's about three years later than I was originally expecting.  But hey, better late than never, right?

I figure that this series of posts might be helpful to someone who decides to do a similar project or is interested in working with the Inkawasi stove design, so that's why, years later, I'm following up on the Anatomy of a Project series with this final post.  I never quite got to some of the topics I wanted to, like Community Workshops, Budget and Funding, and Designing for Sustainability, but I do think there's enough information here to be helpful.

This video was produced by me in 2012 during the stove project, and chronicles step by step how to build the Inkawasi stove structure.  It is in Spanish, but I'll work on putting some English captions on there.  Enjoy!

           (Vol. 3.3) - The Community
           (Vol. 5.3) - The Stovetops
           (Vol. 5.4) - The Table
           (Vol. 5.5) - The Stove Itself***
           (Vol. 5.6) - The Chimney
    • (Vol. 6) – Community Workshops
    • (Vol. 7) – The Budget and Funding
    • (Vol. 8) – Designing for Sustainability


I Made a Tumblr.

Last week I started a tumblr page where I will attempt to post drawings at regular intervals.  I think of it as a New Year's Resolution that will (hopefully) help me continue to develop my visual chops and sensibilities.

So far (8 days into it) it's going really well!

But I know it's going to become much more difficult to stay committed as time goes on...and that's the challenge...will I do this consistently and eventually create some meaningful work?  We shall see.

One thing starting a Tumblr has done for me already though, is reignite my interest in animation.

If you've spent any time on Tumblr, you're sure to have noticed the presence of gifs--those loopy and looping slices of motion and the staples of endless (vapid?) buzzfeed articles.  Well, in the last few days I've been figuring out how to turn my drawings into little gif animations and I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.

Here's a taste:

So if you think you might be interested in my drawings, head over to gregorypurifoy.tumblr.com and like something, reblog it, or follow me!  ¡Viva el internet!